For two-legged creatures like humans, walking is the natural mode of mobility. Soon after learning how to walk and long before being taught how to drive, children learn how to cycle. Like walking, cycling is a self-powered mode for humans. Being able to ride a bike is an unprecedented step for a child... who needs to find a new balance with neither foot on the ground. Look at a child's face when cycling... the bicycle becomes a tool of autonomy and happiness.

The united Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child signed in 1990 states that " Governments recognize the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development". Cycling can help implement this very right because it makes children blossom. Besides, kids riding a bike from an early age contribute to a better future on earth. All children should have the right to cycle.

At Velo-city 2012 in Vancouver, the city of Vancouver and the European Cyclist Federation drafted the Charter of Vancouver on "Children and Cycling". i was pleased to sign the Charter both as an individual and as an organization. Will you act for the next generations too?

Join us and sign the Charter of Vancouver

Benoit Beroud- Mobility consultant at Mobiped "As Hadrien Bedok, the Gretaer Nantes bicycle officer, i was pleased to sign the Charter both as an individual and as an organization"